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Effectively removes the buildup of coagulated syrup and sugar from drip trays on soda machines. Soda machine drain cleaner (smdc) is easy to use and requires no scrubbing. Smdc is economical. One treatment per month is sufficient for preventing the build caused by crystallized sugar and syrup. Usage: pour the entire contents of a 12 ounce bottle into the soda machine drip tray. Allow 5 minutes of contact time. Pour 2 gallons of hot water into the drip tray (the hottest water available usually comes from coffee machines). beginning in 1972 Apter Industries became a specialist in the housekeeping and maintenance of convenience stores. This effort began with the use of highly concentrated materials to assure that the products could be distributed over large areas with minimal Transportation costs. In the process of developing products and programs for these multi-unit retailers we acquired a knowledge of Safety and formulations that have yet to be matched by anyone else. We currently serve thousands of convenience store chains. Our programs are highlighted by our ability to predict product usage, and offer usage guarantees, such that the budget process for cleaning products is fixed. We offer training and support via our 800 toll free number and our customer service system as well as startup training. Click on the Apter Industries link at the top of this page to learn more about us and see more of our products.

Apter Industries 13-SMDC-6/12 Soda Machine Drain Cleaner 12 oz. (Pack of 6) - B01FSJYPV2

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